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Employee Recognitions

Department:  Cross Insurance  
Type:  Announcements  


In Recognition of 5 Years of Service
- Erin Davis, Cross Fin. Corp
- Suzanne Gagne, Bath
- Gregory Hyde, Bath
- Erica Mooney, Laconia
- Rachel Telow, Lewiston
- Michael Caruso, Manchester
- Nicki Renaud, Manchester
- Ann Scarborough, Manchester
- Barbara Souza, Manchester
- RoryAnn Burke, Peabody
- Tawnia Frisch, Plymouth
- Heather Brooks, Portland
- Sara Pelczynski, Portland
In Recognition of 10 Years of Service
- Francis Ferland, Cross Fin. Corp
- Jean Black, Augusta
- Sarah Dube, Augusta
- Tricia Beck, Bangor
- Jodie Herrick, Bangor
- Tracy Andriski, Munsey & Brazil
- Diane Walker, Lewiston
- Tracy Dill, Lincoln
- Juli-Anne Duval, Manchester
- Kimberly Gutenkunst, Manchester
- Dorothy Warshaw, Manchester
- Hope Cote, Portland
- Aaron Lewis, Union
- Andrew J. Gregory, Wakefield
- Christopher Hawthorne, Wakefield
- Denise Johnson, Wakefield
- Michelle Norton, Wakefield
- Carla Wells, Wakefield
- Corina Cooper, Windham
In Recognition of 15 Years of Service
- Michael Deschaine, Augusta Benefits
- Yvonne Chavaree, Bangor
- Jonathan Cross, Bangor
- Kathy Ela, Conway
- Lauren Goldman, Peabody
- Susan Parkhurst, Portland
- Jennifer Wold, Portland
In Recognition of 20 Years of Service
- Darlene Dumond, Bangor
- Claire Duffy, Manchester
- Jean Poulos, Manchester
- Diane Skilling, Meredith
- Gail Descoulias, Moultonboro
- Wanda Storey, Yarmouth
In Recognition of 25 Years of Service
- Pammella MacCrae, Bangor
- Mark Ferdinando, Manchester
- Gracinda Pereira, Wakefield
In Recognition of 30 Years of Service
- Pam Rogers, Augusta
- Nancy Swift, Augusta
- Karen Hayden, Exeter
- Irene Blouin, Munsey & Brazil

- Alexander Burke, Jr., Manchester



Cross Financial Corp., a Maine corporation headquartered in Bangor, Maine, operates a network of wholly-owned subsidiary insurance agencies with locations in Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Each office is a separate legal entity, is separately managed and is independently operated as a wholly owned subsidiary of Cross Financial Corp., Bangor, Maine.
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