Employee Benefits for Small Businesses in Maine

Are you a Maine small business interested in offering benefits for your employees? Choosing the right employee benefit package can seem difficult and confusing at times. It is important to note that employee benefits packages are not a one size fits all package. Every business has different needs and wants with respect to their employees and potential benefit packages. Our team here at Cross Insurance is happy to help guide you through this journey. 

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What are Employee Benefits?

A business’s employee benefits package may include health insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance, short term disability coverage, long term disability coverage and more. Employees benefits are essentially job perks and compensation that are provided to the employee in addition to their wages. Employers can choose different employee benefits packages to suit their needs.

Employee Benefits Can Help for Recruitment and Retention

Offering competitive employee benefits packages can help to assist with employee recruitment and retention rates. In addition to base wages, many employees expect to receive a variety of benefits from their employer.  If you don’t offer any benefits, or if the benefits you offer are not comparable to those offered by your competitors, you may miss out on (or fail to retain) key talent.

One of the most effective employee benefits that a company can offer is an affordable health insurance option. Employees are more likely to choose to join or stay with a company when the employer offers a competitive health insurance plan.

Another benefit that many employers choose to offer is dental and vision coverage. The cost of dental and vision service has also risen with the cost of healthcare. However, dental and vision insurance can still be relatively affordable.

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If you are a Maine small business looking to review your employee benefits options, our team at Cross Insurance is here to help. To find out more, contact your local Cross Insurance today.




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