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Property Insurance For Your Business

Whether you own your building, lease your space, or work from home, protect your business with commercial property insurance. Commercial Property insurance can help protect: 

Your Furniture

Your Inventory

Your Equipment

Your Building

Your Outdoor Sign

Your Landscaping

Do I need Commercial Property Insurance If My Business is Home-Based? 

If you are a business owner, Commercial Property Insurance is a fundamental coverage, even if your office is your kitchen table. Homeowners’ or renters’ insurance policies do not typically provide coverage for business equipment losses by flood or fire.

If you use any equipment or tools to run your business such as a laptop or printer, you should consider commercial property insurance. 

What Does Commercial Property Insurance Cover?

It is important to note that Commercial Property Insurance plans vary from policy to policy. 

Typically, basic property insurance covers losses caused by acts of vandalism, wind and hail, and fire. Many other additional coverages for perils can be added, for example breakage of glass. 

How Much Does Commercial Property Insurance Coverage Cost?

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