Insurance for Public Entities from Maine to New York

From schools, to courthouses, to law enforcement, public entities are an integral part of every community. Just because these entities are considered essential, however, does not mean that they are immune to risk. Whether it is a building fire, crumbling infrastructure, or a targeted cyber attack, public entities should have a plan for responding to risk.

What Coverages Should Public Entities Consider?

The types of risk your entity is exposed to will determine what types of policies you should consider. The insurance needs of a fire department are going to differ from the needs of a public school. Talk with your local insurance agent about what coverages your business should consider. 

Employment Practices Liability 

Public Officials / Educator’s Legal 

Public Officials 

Insuring Public Entities in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and More 

Below is a sampling of some of the public entities that we serve. 

Public Schools

Community Colleges



Fire Departments


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