Join the Cross Family of Agencies

The Cross Family of Agencies welcomes you. We need your talent and expertise. We need your experienced and dedicated people, and your loyal clientele. We need the connections you have forged through years of diligence and personal attention.

Cross Insurance is a family owned and operated insurance firm with three generations actively involved in the day-to-day operation of our privately held agency. We have a reputation for stability and longevity in the market, and have completed more than 130 acquisitions of insurance agencies in over 60 years of business. Agencies like yours turn to Cross Insurance when interested in divesting their business for myriad reasons: 

  • We’re just like you. We value integrity, hard work, loyalty, and dedication. 
  • We need your clients, but we need your hard-working staff as well. We are not corporate raiders or down-sizers, and your employees will be treated with the same respect by Cross Insurance as they have by you.
  • Cross Insurance has funding sources in place. As a privately held and funded company, we have the financial capacity to purchase an agency, with no need to obtain approval from outside lending sources. This translates into quick closings.
  • We represent all the major insurance brands, and maintain excellent relationships with markets. For you and your business, this means ease of doing business with us, and confidence that we will treat your agency as we’ve treated our own. We are especially interested in offices with talent and special skills.
  • Cross Insurance offers excellent administrative support and a centralized Human Resources Department. Our culture is similar to your culture, and when your agency joins Cross, your employees become part of our family of companies.
  • Cross Insurance’s principals, management, agents, and staff have a broad range of experience and great depth of knowledge to offer your agency, making the transition seamless and helping your employees join our team easily and intact.
  • We offer you localized decision-making, as well as a level of marketing support other insurance agencies cannot begin to match.
  • We have an excellent reputation with our customers, with insurance carriers, with bankers and other financial institutions, and in the communities we serve.
  • Cross Insurance uses both Applied and AMS Operating Systems.
  • Cross Insurance works with many types of agencies, including: Middle-Market Commercial, Large Commercial, High-Net-Worth Clients, Benefits (Life and Health; both Individuals and Groups), Contract Surety Bonds, and Personal Lines.
  • We are expanding our corporate footprint, and are interested in acquiring agencies in locations around the country.


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Here at Cross Insurance,


We are capable, experienced, and fast to make decisions. We have purchased an average of almost two agencies for every year we’ve been in business.


We have the necessary funding in place internally, and we will not make you wait. WE PROMISE


We are a family business, and we make the decisions. No outside committee or lender is in charge of your company’s future.


Cross Insurance has over five decades of industry experience built on never compromising our clients’ confidentiality. We simply DO NOT TALK. You will deal only with our CEO, Royce Cross – no bankers, consultants, brokers, or others outsiders.

Over 120 companies just like yours trusted Cross Insurance to do what we say, know what we’re doing, and never waste your time. You can take us at our word, because in this industry, if you cannot back up your words, there is no strength or security – and those are the very words we live by and stake our reputation upon. 



“Complete confidentiality is a cornerstone of the acquisition process at Cross Insurance. This is a promise I make to you personally. We will move with all speed to let you know if we can work together, and we have money in place to close when you are ready. This firm has no approval boards or approval committees, you don’t deal with bankers or investment bankers – you deal only with me.”

- Royce Cross, President & CEO


  To speak with Royce about selling your agency, please call the Bangor office: 207.947.7345