Here at Cross Insurance,


We are capable, experienced, and fast to make decisions. We have purchased an average of almost two agencies for every year we’ve been in business.


We have the necessary funding in place internally, and we will not make you wait. WE PROMISE


We are a family business, and we make the decisions. No outside committee or lender is in charge of your company’s future.


Cross Insurance has over five decades of industry experience built on never compromising our clients’ confidentiality. We simply DO NOT TALK. You will deal only with our CEO, Royce Cross – no bankers, consultants, brokers, or others outsiders.

Over 120 companies just like yours trusted Cross Insurance to do what we say, know what we’re doing, and never waste your time. You can take us at our word, because in this industry, if you cannot back up your words, there is no strength or security – and those are the very words we live by and stake our reputation upon. 



“Complete confidentiality is a cornerstone of the acquisition process at Cross Insurance. This is a promise I make to you personally. We will move with all speed to let you know if we can work together, and we have money in place to close when you are ready. This firm has no approval boards or approval committees, you don’t deal with bankers or investment bankers – you deal only with me.”

- Royce Cross, President & CEO


  To speak with Royce about selling your agency, please call the Bangor office: 207.947.7345