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Self-Insured Trusts in Maine- Solutions for Workers’ Comp

If you are looking for an alternative to commercial Workers’ Compensation policies, you should consider group self-insurance. Cross Insurance TPA, Inc. is located in New Gloucester, Maine and provides services for businesses and self-insured management programs for workers’ compensation. Self-insurance may not be for everyone, but it typically provides more control and stability over your workers’ comp program, competitive pricing, and the potential for premium refunds. Cross Insurance TPA, Inc. currently provides services to trusts throughout the state of Maine in industries such as manufacturing, construction, forestry, social services, and education.

How Does a Self-Insured Trust Work? 

Typically in a self-insured trust, group members pay premium dollars into a trust fund. Generally, the funds are used to pay claims and administrative costs. Depending on a variety of factors they can also sometimes accrue interest. In many models, if there are surplus funds, they are refunded back to group members. Since the passing of the federal Employee Retirement Income Security Act in 1974, self-insurance has become a possible option for many employers.

Why Join a Self-Insured Trust? 

There are many potential benefits to joining one of the self-insured trusts in Maine managed by Cross Insurance TPA, Inc., including:

Competitive Pricing 

More Control Over Insurance Programs 

Potential Premium Refunds 

Access to Numerous Training Programs 

Dedicated Service Team for Loss Control 

Dedicated Service Team for Claims Management 

Dedicated Service Team for Administration/Underwriting 

24/7 Access to On-Line Claims Management System 

What Self-Insured Trusts in Maine Does Cross TPA Provide Services For?

Construction Services Group Trust

Forest Products Group Trust

Greater Portland Five

About Cross Insurance TPA

Alternative Markets Department

The Alternative Markets Department (AMD) is the underwriting, marketing and administrative division of our TPA. AMD provides general customer oversight, working with customers and state agencies on renewals, as well as other administrative duties as required, such as invoicing of premiums, and providing certificates of insurance.  

Claims Department

The Cross Insurance TPA Claims Department provides services through a dedicated team of claims professionals focused on working closely with the customer. Our customers have 24/7 access to our proprietary internet based claims management system, allowing them to view claims and run reports as desired. The department:

  • Regularly reviews specific claims activity, and reviews loss reserves and paid amounts prior to renewal
  • Fact-finds to verify data from claimants

Loss Control

The Cross TPA team offers a wide variety of services including safety program evaluation, training, comprehensive loss analysis, loss prevention program development, mock OHSA inspections, as well as first aid, CPR, defensive driving and ergonomic training. Cross TPA can educate staff about loss prevention fundamentals, and help you promote a culture of awareness and communication.

Cross Insurance TPA Contact 

If you are interested in joining one of the self-insured trusts listed above, e-mail us by clicking the button below or call us at 800-698-3267. Our office is located at 60 Pineland Drive in New Gloucester, Maine.