Do I Really Need RV Insurance?

Just as with any other vehicle, you will need some form of insurance to operate an RV on a public road. In this article, you can find information regarding what qualifies as an RV, some of their common insurance coverages, how much it may cost to insure, and some possible ways to save on RV insurance.

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What Qualifies as an RV?

Recreational vehicles, commonly referred to as “RVs” or “motorhomes”, are a popular way for people to get out and explore the open road. There are various types and classes of RVs and motorhomes, such as Class A diesel motorhomes, Class A gas motorhomes, Class B camper vans, Class C motorhomes, towable fifth wheel campers, toy haulers, travel trailers, teardrop campers, and pop-up campers.

Generally speaking, there are a couple of different types of RV insurance available in the marketplace. Short-term coverage (sometimes called recreational coverage) is typically geared towards people who use their RVs for occasional or shorter-term trips. Short-term coverage is in many respects similar to automobile insurance. Another type of RV insurance is full-time coverage, which is generally geared towards people who either live in their RV or who use it frequently or for substantial periods of time. Full-time coverage is usually broader than short-term coverage, in that it can offer protection for personal injuries, bodily damage or other liabilities that happen in or around your RV when it is parked.

Common RV Insurance Coverages

Typically, most RV insurance policies will include collision, comprehensive, liability, and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverages. Some additional coverages you may want to add to your policy are increased liability, equipment coverage, and full-time RV coverage. The following is a breakdown of each of the coverages that are typically included in an RV insurance policy.

  • Collision Coverage

Collision coverage can help to provide compensation to you if your RV is damaged in a collision with another vehicle or certain other objects.

  • Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage can provide compensation to you if your RV is damaged from a covered event other than a collision, such as theft, vandalism, hail, accidents with animals, and some other natural disasters.

  • Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage can provide compensation when a person who is legally liable for an accident doesn’t have liability insurance, or their liability limits are inadequate. Damages to your RV and/or medical expenses that would normally be covered under the other driver’s insurance policy may be covered under this type of coverage.

  • Liability Coverage

Liability coverage provides compensation to others if your negligence causes them to suffer an injury or their property is damaged.

  • Equipment Coverage

An optional coverage you can choose to include is an equipment or accessories coverage, for things such as aftermarket parts and other changes that you have made which were not originally installed by the manufacturer.

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How Much Does RV Insurance Cost?

The price of insurance for your RV can vary depending on a variety of factors. To help prepare you for getting your quote, here are some factors that you will need to discuss with your local Cross Insurance agent.

  • The make and model of your RV. A newer and more expensive motorhome will typically tend to raise your rates compared to an older vehicle.
  • The state that you live in will also affect your quote. With each state having different laws and regulations that drivers must follow, this can alter rates.
  • Where and how much will you be driving your RV? Will you be using your RV for seasonal trips, or as your primary residence?
  • The age, gender, marriage status, and education of the driver can also affect your quote.
  • Your personal driving record will also factor into your costs. Having prior tickets, violations or accidents can potentially raise your rates.

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Possible Discounts for RV Insurance

Researching and inquiring about discounts is an important part of the insurance process for any individual. The following are some common discounts that you may qualify for.

  • Multi-Policy & Multi-Vehicle Discount

Bundling coverages such as your RV insurance and auto insurance or your RV and home is a popular way to save money if you have policies with the same insurance provider.

  • Safety Course Discount

Participating in an approved RV driving safety course may qualify you for a discount.

  • RV Association Discount

If you are a member of an RV club or association, you may qualify for a discount.

  • Continuous Coverage Discount

Keeping continuous coverage on your RV, even though it may be used seasonally, may help you save on insurance costs.

  • Getting Multiple Quotes

Shopping around and obtaining quotes for your RV may help you find the best deal and save on your RV insurance costs. At Cross Insurance, we work with a number of insurance carriers, which means more options to choose from when it comes to selecting a plan for your insurance needs. Contact your local Cross Insurance office to connect with one of our agents to start the insurance process today.




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