Personal Insurance

Your Local Agency

Whether you are looking to insure your motorcycle in Maine or your condo in Connecticut, we have over 50 locations in the Northeast as well as Florida offering insurance coverage options. Our family-owned insurance agency started in Maine in 1954, and since then has expanded into New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and beyond.


Coverages We Offer

You’re unique. What matters to you is unique as well- and worth protecting. You can reach out to our agents to select coverage options for your life.

How Much Does Personal Insurance Cost? ​

There are many factors that can determine how much you will pay for insurance. Where property is located, the age of the policyholder, and a policyholder’s claims history are a few. You can request a quote for home insurance, auto insurance, and more by filling out a request a quote form.  

Available Discounts on Personal Insurance

If you are looking for ways to save on insurance for your home, car, or other property, talk with your local agent about what discounts may be available to you. Discounts can vary by policy, but some of the more commonly available ones include:

  • Selecting multiple policies from the same company
  • Installing security equipment at an insured property
  • Paying a policy in full when purchasing

Commercial Insurance Options

If you are a business owner, our agency also offers commercial insurance options such as commercial auto, workers’ compensation, and more. Whether your business is a retail store, nonprofit, or a family restaurant, our agents can show you insurance options.

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