Third Party Administration

Alternative Markets Department

Addressing the hot-button issue of Workers’ Compensation insurance costs and their impact on your bottom line, Cross Alternative Markets professionals can help with the option of self-insurance, a proven alternative to commercial Workers’ Compensation policies.

Our Alternative Markets Department (AMD) provides general customer oversight, works closely with customers and various state regulators on renewals, and provides performance reports and other administrative duties as required, such as calculating experience modification factors, invoicing of premiums, and providing certificates of insurance.  AMD is also able to market programs and secure excess or other desired coverages.  AMD can customize services to meet each customer’s individual requirements.

Claims Department

Staff works closely with group members to minimize the amount of financial impact by a claim while at the same time restoring injured employees to healthy and productive employment.

Our Claims Department provides services through a dedicated team of claims experts focused on working closely with the customer. They use aggressive claims management services and techniques to ensure the best possible outcome for the customer while also restoring injured employees to healthy and productive employment. Our customers have 24/7 access to our proprietary internet based claims management system, allowing them to view claims and run reports as desired.


  • Advocacy and timely communication that leads to prompt and fair claims resolution
  • Regular reviews of specific claims activity, and review of loss reserves and paid amounts prior to renewal
  • In-house claims management programs can be set up in your organization with Cross experts acting as advisors
  • Third party claims administration for self-insured Workers’ Compensation clients
  • Fact-finding by Cross staff to verify data from claimants and recommend future action
  • Investigation & claims monitoring to analyze conditions affecting the value of a claim and take appropriate action as needed
  • Strategy & negotiation to position claims for timely and fair resolution
  • Claims are handled by experts with years of experience adjusting Workers’ Compensation claims, and group members have 24/7 access to our proprietary claims management system

Loss Control

Our Loss Control consultants can evaluate how effective a current safety program is and tailor a safety and loss control system that is unique to each company’s culture and needs.

Our experts offer a wide variety of services including safety program evaluation, training, comprehensive loss analysis, loss prevention program development, mock OHSA inspections, as well as first aid, CPR, defensive driving and ergonomic training. Through these many services, our experts are able to realize their goal of ensuring that each customer has the safest possible work environment.


  • Evaluate your current safety and loss control measures and provide guidelines for improvement
  • Educate staff about loss prevention fundamentals and help you promote a culture of awareness and communication
  • Assist with compliance to state and federal laws
  • Help reduce the impact of uninsured costs on your company’s profitability