Become a Cross Affiliate

The Cross Family of Agencies welcomes you. We need your talent and expertise. We need your experienced and dedicated people, and your loyal clients. We need the connections you have forged through years of diligence and personal attention.

  • We’re just like you. We value integrity, hard work, loyalty, and dedication.
  • We need your hard-working staff. We are not corporate raiders or down-sizers, and your employees will be treated with the same respect by Cross Insurance as they have by you.
  • As a privately held and funded company, we have the financial capacity to purchase an agency, with no need to obtain approval from outside lending sources. This translates into quick closings.
  • We represent all the major insurance brands, and maintain excellent relationships with markets.

Cross Affiliate Advantages

  • Access to our broad network of insurance carriers means more options for your clients 
  • Support for IT, Accounting, Marketing, and Operations 
  • No restrictive stock or “Earn-out” period, affiliates become a part of Cross immediately 
  • Opportunites to retain your exisiting business brand name 
  • Quick closings 
  • Cross brand name recognition 
  • Offer wide variety of expertise and reputation with our clients and markets 

We Value People

At Cross, we value talent and expertise. We respect the connections you have forged through years of diligence and personal attention. When we navigate the acquisition process with an agency, our goal is to maintain the existing staff. We know that the one thing that sets an agency apart from another is the people. We value dedication and hard work, and hope that your management and staff will stay and grow with the company.

Confidentiality Is Our Priority

  • Decades of experience not compromising confidentiality 
  • Communicate directly- and discreetly- with our top level executives during the process, such as Royce Cross and Jonathan Cross 
  • All due diligence is completed and validated internally by the Cross Mergers and Acquisitions Team 


Merge into an existing Cross Branch

Your clients will continue to work with their agents

Become a Cross Branded Location 

Receive brand name recognition 

Our Workplace Values


From fundraising for local foodbanks, to volunteering at after school programs, we’re proud of the many ways our offices find to give back. 


We are committed to a workplace culture that values and promotes diversity and inclusion. 

"Complete confidence is the cornerstone of  the acquisition process at Cross Insurance. This is a promise I make to you personally."

Meet the M&A Team

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