Student Health

Providing customized and affordable Health, Accident, and Sports coverage to Higher Education institutions and their students

Cross Student Health has been working with colleges and universities in New England to provide cost effective solutions with comprehensive coverage. Our goal is to create a custom plan that is tailored to meet the needs of each institution and student. We have in-depth knowledge of state and federal insurance regulations, health insurance trends, and more than two decades of healthcare and insurance experience. 

We focus on plan implementation processes with our clients and carriers. The implementation process is essential to setting up the account. At Cross, we take the time to assist you in setting up your student health plan. There are many facets to this process: oversight of plan design coverages with the Carrier, ID card delivery, brochure reviews, and enrollment throughout the year. We also will work with each client to audit waivers as requested.

Student Health Account Service

All clients are assigned a dedicated account management team, which works in a collaborative manner, assisting in the service and administration of the student health plan throughout the year. 


We are capable of handling all aspects of a student health account, from underwriting and pricing to enrollment and claims management. We are a full service operation that can handle all of your needs, and will work individually with each student health account, to assist with the coverage is provided.


Individual websites are established for each institution, enabling students and college officials to quickly obtain information, claim forms, and in some cases, enroll their dependents. As we have the newest technology, we are able to offer online enrollment and waiver systems, as needed. 


The health insurance industry is constantly changing. We pride ourselves on the continuous education of our schools by assisting in understanding how each specific benefit applies and how it will affect the final outcome of your plan. In addition, we keep you up-to-date on changes in federal and state regulations, as well as any insurance carrier changes.