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Insurance Quotes for Your Home in Dover 

Looking for insurance for your home in Dover? Contact one of our offices in New Hampshire to compare quotes and coverages. We are a third-generation company headquartered in New England. We have relationships with over 100 carriers, which means more options for our clients. We have offices located in Portsmouth, Manchester, and Laconia. You can contact these offices by phone or by filling out our form here.

How Much is Home Insurance in New Hampshire? 

How much you will pay yearly to insure your home in New Hampshire can depend on a few different factors. As you might suspect, the size and value of your home will be a factor, as well as the coverages you choose. Your claims history can also play a role in how much you will pay. Reach out to your local insurance agency to request a custom quote for your home’s needs.

Is Home Insurance Required by Law in New Hampshire? 

At this time, home insurance is not required by law in New Hampshire. However, in order to secure a loan, your mortgage company will likely require it.

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Do You Need Flood Insurance in Dover, NH?  

Wondering about flood insurance in Dover? Kayaking the Cocheco River can be relaxing, but finding water in your home is anything but. Most homeowners insurance policies do not cover damages caused by floods. You can use this flood map from FEMA to see if your home is in an area with a high, moderate, or low flood risk. It should be noted that according to floodsmart.gov, one in three insurance claims come from moderate to low-risk flood areas.   

Ways to Potentially Save on Home Insurance in NH

Did you know that many insurance carriers offer discounts for buying multiple coverages from them? Home and auto may come to mind but ask your insurance agent if you can bundle your home with another policy- such as boat or RV– to save. Besides purchasing multiple coverages through the same carrier, your local insurance agent may know about additional discounts, such as investing in smart home technology or installing an alarm system. Of course, an obvious way to save may be to switch insurance carriers. Reach out to one of our local offices today for quotes and premium comparisons.

Other Insurance Coverages for Dover, NH

In addition to home insurance, our offices can help find insurance solutions for your boat, ATV, motorcycle, RV, and more. Own a business? We offer coverages for that as well.

Replacement Cost Compared to Actual Cash Value 

Shopping for insurance can sometimes feel like digging through a pile of jargon. When shopping for homeowners insurance, the terms replacement cost and actual cash value come up frequently. You should take time to understand these terms before you purchase a policy. Actual cash value, or ACV, commonly reimburses you for the current value of the item. This means the original cost, minus depreciation. Replacement cost value (RCV), on the other hand, typically will reimburse you for the current cost to replace the item, up to applicable policy limits. For example, if there was a fire in your kitchen and you needed to replace your cabinets and appliances, replacement cost could give you the amount to go out and purchase these items new subject to the policy limits.

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Other Home Insurance Terms to Know 

Your homeowners policy will typically have limits for dwelling coverage, personal property, other structures, and liability. Here is what each of those are referring to.

  • Dwelling coverage commonly refers to the actual structure of your home, which may include things like an attached porch or connected garage
  • Personal property refers to your belongings- Your furniture, appliances, jewelry, sporting equipment, and additional items you own
  • Other structures can mean structures not attached to your home, such as a shed, a detached garage
  • Loss of use can provide compensation for things like eating out and temporary housing if you are unable to live in your home
  • Liability coverage can provide coverage if someone is injured on your property

A Note on Historic or Antique Homes 

Dover has an abundance of historic homes. When it comes to insuring your home, the year it was built is important. If your home was built prior to 1900, it may be more difficult to insure than a new home. Typically, insuring an older home can be more expensive than insuring a newer one. You may be able to lower your insurance costs by making updates, such as replacing wiring or replacing your roof. Talk to your local insurance agent to see if your home has appropriate coverage.  


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