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Insurance Quotes for Your Home in Windham 

Whether you just moved, are looking for better coverage, or would like to compare some rates, our local insurance agency can help you find insurance solutions for your home in Windham, Maine. We work with over 100 insurance carriers, which means more options for our clients. Our Windham office is located on Windham Trail. Reach out today to request a quote for your home.

How Much is Home Insurance for Windham, ME? 

How much should you budget for insurance for your home in Windham, ME? The number will depend on a few different factors. The coverages you choose, as well as the size and value of your home, can affect how much you will pay. Requesting a custom quote is one way to get a picture of what your costs could be.

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Potential Discounts for Home Insurance in Windham, ME

If you are looking for ways to save on your home insurance, a multi-policy discount may be the way to go. Many insurance carriers offer discounts for buying multiple coverages from them. This can be a home and auto policy, or maybe something like a home and boat or home and ATV policy. Check with your local insurance agent to see if they know about any additional discounts available to you for things like installing an alarm system or investing in smart home technology.

Home Insurance Terms You Should Know    

Your homeowners policy will typically have limits for dwelling coverage, personal property, other structures, and liability. Here is what each of those are referring to.

    • Dwelling coverage commonly refers to the actual structure of your home, which may include things like an attached porch or connected garage
    • Personal property refers to your belongings- Your furniture, appliances, jewelry, sporting equipment, and additional items you own
    • Other structures can mean structures not attached to your home, such as a shed, a detached garage
    • Loss of use can provide compensation for things like eating out and temporary housing if you are unable to live in your home
    • Liability coverage can provide coverage if someone is injured on your property

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Actual Cash Value vs. Replacement Cost 

If the terms “actual cash value” and “replacement cost” have you puzzled, here’s a quick synopsis. Actual cash value, sometimes shortened to ACV, commonly reimburses you for the current value of the item. This means the original cost, minus depreciation. Replacement cost value (RCV), on the other hand, typically will reimburse you for the current cost to replace the item. For example, if there was a fire in your kitchen and you needed to replace your cabinets and appliances, replacement cost could give you the amount to go out and purchase these items new. Actual cash value, on the other hand, would reimburse you for the cost of the cabinets and appliances, minus depreciation, meaning you may not have enough to replace everything that was lost.

Other Insurance Coverages for Windham, Maine  

Not only can our office in Windham help you with insurance coverages for your home, we can also find insurance coverages for you boat, motorcycle, or snowmobile. If you own a business, we offer several commercial insurance coverages, from commercial auto, to general liability. Give our team a call today or fill out our form here to see how we can assist you.


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