Home Insurance in Pembroke, Massachusetts

Pembroke, Massachusetts is a quintessential slice of New England charm. With its mix of suburban comfort, quality schools and access to major routes like Rt.53 and Rt. 139, both locals and those relocating to the area are choosing homeownership in Pembroke. Buying a home is a major purchase, and you want to ensure your investment is protected. That’s where our local office comes in. 

We’ve been a cornerstone in the local insurance landscape for over five decades. With offices conveniently located on the South Shore (in Marshfield and Braintree), we are more than just your go-to source for home insurance in Pembroke, Massachusetts — we are your neighbors as well. 

Getting a Homeowners Insurance Quote in Pembroke 

When choosing insurance for your Pembroke home, you want a team that understands local nuances- whether it’s navigating the risks associated with being near bodies of water or safeguarding against New England weather. Request a quote for home insurance in Pembroke, Massachusetts on our website to start exploring your options.

Coverages from Single-Family Homes to Condos 

Whether you own a charming Cape Cod-style house near Oldham Pond or perhaps a modern condominium near Bryantville or anywhere in between, we can help show you your insurance coverage options.

Home Insurance Discounts for Massachusetts

Looking for discounts for insurance for your home? Reach out to our Marshfield office to learn more about these potential offers:

  • Multi-policy discount: Many insurance carriers will offer discounts for having more than one policy through them, such as bundling your home and auto quotes together with the same insurance company.
  • Pay in full discount:  You typically will save money on your insurance policy by paying your 12-month premium in full. Check with your insurance carrier to see if they offer this option.

How Much is Home Insurance in Pembroke, Massachusetts?    

The value of your Pembroke home, the amount of coverage you choose, and your claims history are some of the factors that will determine how much you will pay for home insurance. To get a picture of how much you will pay, you can request a personalized quote from one of our offices. We are a local insurance agency that works with dozens of different insurance carriers, which means more options for our clients. Reach out to our local office in Marshfield, Massachusetts today to request a quote for your home.

Home Insurance Terms 

A homeowners insurance policy will typically include dwelling coverage, personal property, other structures, and liability coverage. Here is what each of those are referring to.

  • Dwelling coverage commonly refers to the actual structure of your home, which may include things like an attached porch or connected garage
  • Personal property refers to your belongings- Your furniture, appliances, jewelry, sporting equipment, and additional items you own
  • Other structures can mean structures not attached to your home, such as a shed or a detached garage
  • Loss of use can provide compensation for things like eating out and temporary housing if you are unable to live in your home due to a covered loss
  • Liability coverage can provide coverage if someone is injured on your property

Other Insurance Coverages for Pembroke, Massachusetts 

Our local office in Marshfield can help you find coverage options for your home, but we also can assist you with coverage for your cars, boat, RV, and more. We also offer commercial insurance coverages for businesses including commercial auto insurance, workers’ compensation, and cyber liability. Reach out today to see how we can assist you with your insurance needs.


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