Ideas to Grow Your Landscaping Business in the Off-Season

For Landscape Contractors, if the sun is shining, you’re busy working! Spring and summer are likely the busiest times for your business. Between routine lawn care, trimming, and people looking to get their yards ready for upcoming BBQ’s and pool parties, landscape work is plentiful during warmer months.

However, just because fall and winter are your “off season” doesn’t mean that business has to halt. There are numerous opportunities to keep profits coming in once the cold sets in.

Focus on Fall Cleanups 

There are a number of services in the fall months that you can provide your current or new clients. These include:

  • Clearing away leaves from yards
  • Trimming plants and shrubs and preparing them for winter
  • Consider offering to move patio sets and lawn furniture into storage
  • Clean leaves out of gutters

Consider bundling these services together along with things like cool-season fertilizing as part of a fall landscaping package.

A landscaping business works on a fall cleanup in the off-season
Highlight Tree Removal 

There are pros to removing trees in the winter, and letting your customers know this can potentially land you some business in the slower months. First, it’s likely any pests in the trees will be dormant, which means there is a less likely chance of spreading disease to other trees nearby. Fewer or no leaves on the tree means less mess when it comes to cleanup.

Focus on Growing Through Marketing & Advertising 

During the colder fall and winter months, it’s wise to use some of your free time to plan your advertising for the remainder of the year and for the upcoming year. Remind your customers about all the different services your landscaping business can provide throughout the year. The slower months are also a great time to catch up on any billing you may have been behind on and to update your website and social media sites if you have them.

A landscaper works on tree cleanup
Consider Adding Firewood as Part of Your Business   

Colder months mean more demand for firewood, and your business may already be primed to start offering this. Offering firewood is one way to find a new use for any lumber from tree removals that you have. Of course, you want to provide wood that is suitable for burning. If you already have tools like a log splitter or chainsaw, transitioning into offering firewood may be a simple pivot for your business.

When adding to your list of services or otherwise expanding your business, make sure you are prepared to take on additional risk. As your business grows, touch base with your commercial insurance agent to evaluate if your current insurance coverage is still appropriate.

tools for landscapers to do hardscaping
Shape Up Hardscapes 

While most landscaping projects require weather where plants can grow and thrive outside, hardscaping projects have a longer window of time to be completed. Building retaining walls, adding walkways, designing patios, and more could be possible ideas.

Consider Commercial Projects  

The lull offseason may give you more time to focus on larger, commercial projects that may take more planning.  You can use your extra time to brainstorm ways to attract commercial clients.

How Much Does Landscaping Insurance Cost? 

As a business owner, costs and budgeting are likely at the forefront of your mind. What you might pay per year to cover your landscaping business depends on a variety of factors, including but not limited to:

  • What services you offer
  • The number of employees you have
  • Where your business is based out of
  • The value of the equipment you are insuring

If your business has grown, you may want to think about increasing your coverage limits. One of the best ways to calculate what your costs will be is to reach out for a custom insurance quote. Our local insurance agency works with many insurance carriers, including top national companies. We understand that landscaping businesses have unique risks. Reach out to your local office to request a quote based on the needs of your business.


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