Insurance for Golf Courses and Country Clubs in Connecticut

Connecticut is home to over 190 golf courses across the state, making it one of the premiere places in New England to go golfing. If you own a golf course, country club, pro-shop, or golf simulator, chances are that it is more than just a business to you. Knowing that your business has the appropriate insurance coverages means you can have peace of mind in the event a covered accident was to occur. Regardless of if you’re thinking of buying a golf course, or you just need to shop for new policies, Cross Insurance can provide you with options.

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How Much is Insurance for a Golf Course?  

When budgeting your business, it is important to take all expenses into consideration. When you reach out to us, we can gather more information on the types of policies and coverages you are looking for, so we can provide you with personalized quotes. At Cross Insurance we know each business is different, although there are some common factors that can be used to help calculate insurance costs. The following are some factors that can influence the cost of golf course insurance:

  • The size of your course
  • Number of employees you have
  • The location of your business
  • Whether or not your business serves alcohol
  • Claims history

Coverages Golf Course and Country Clubs Should Consider

Whether you have been running a golf course for decades or are contemplating on buying one, there are a number of risks you should be aware of. To help protect your assets from unexpected risks there are some common coverages each golf course should consider. Below are some insurance options that we can help you explore for your business.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance is something every golf course and country club should consider. Commercial property insurance can cover your buildings, clubhouse, and fitness centers, but it can also cover your sprinkler systems, fairways, and your landscaping.

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Workers’ Comp for Golf Courses and Country Clubs

Operating a golf course takes more than one individual, so chances are your business has employees. If you have employees workers’ Compensation may be a state requirement. Between the grounds crew, valet staff, caddies, bartenders and kitchens staff, there are plenty of possible accidents that could occur. Workers’ comp can help cover medical bills for employees who are injured or become ill because of work related events. It can also help cover a portion of lost wages while they are recovering.

Herbicide, Pesticide, and Pollution Liability 

Maintaining your pristine Connecticut golf course doesn’t only just take time and care, but it also sometimes takes materials that present risks to employees, customers, and others. Golf courses typically store chemicals like herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers that have the potential to leak or spill, leading to health risks to those exposed and environmental damage to the surrounding area. Not only are these materials common at golf courses but so are fuel tanks. These tanks, used typically to keep company equipment and golf carts running, are stored in tanks underground.

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Liquor Liability for Golf Courses

Golf is considered a leisure activity, and often accompanied by golfers enjoying an alcoholic drink. If your golf course or country club offers alcohol having liquor liability coverage is something you ought to seriously consider. Liquor liability coverage can help provide your business with coverage for claims of bodily injury or property damage for which it may become liable as a result of serving alcohol to an intoxicated customer. This type of policy may cover settlements, legal costs, and medical expenses. Having general and umbrella liability insurance is also a typically a very good idea.

Cyber Coverages

Like the majority of other industries, technology continues to become a bigger part of each business, making cyber insurance another important insurance option to consider. Golf courses, country clubs, and especially businesses that offer golf simulators, seem to be progressing towards using more online tools. Businesses that handle credit card numbers and other sensitive customer information should consider cyber polices as an essential to protect both themselves, their employees, and customers.

Inland Marine Coverages

Many golf courses and country clubs provide amenities such as guest lockers, wellness centers, and valet parking. To help protect the property that is left in the care of your business, you should consider an inland marine policy. An inland marine policy may also offer protection for your golf carts, mowers, and sweepers if they are not covered by your property insurance.

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General Liability for Your Connecticut Golf Course or Country Club

General liability insurance can help to provide your business with protection for certain third-party liability claims related to your business operations. General liability can also include coverage for certain types of personal and advertising injuries, such as claims for defamation or copyright infringement.

Golf Course Safety 

Golf is considered to be one of the more safe and sophisticated sports, and as a golf course owner, there are a number of things that you can do to help keep your staff and guests safe. Some of these precautionary measures may include, but are not limited to:

  • Installing fire safety equipment 
  • Establishing a Golf Cart Safety Program 
  • Develop a lightning safety plan for thunderstorms 
  • Training grounds crew and other employees to use personal protective equipment when maintaining the course and landscaping

Requesting Quotes for Your Golf Course or Country Club  

In order to help protect the investment you have made into your business; you should be sure to have appropriate insurance coverages. To request a quote for your golf course, you can submit our form here. If you prefer to call someone to start the quoting process, you can see a list of our offices and contact numbers here.



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