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Accusations of defamation or slander, copyright infringement, or personal injury are all threats that a podcaster and their business may face. As a podcaster, these threats can sometimes come with the profession. When you create content, risk comes with it, and that is why having insurance for you and your business so important. Cross Insurance can work with you to find coverages to fit your needs. No matter if you are an individual running the show, or a company with numerous employees, we can help.

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Types of Insurance for Podcasters

As the podcasting industry continues to grow, so do the risks associated with it. While there are many factors and situations you must take into consideration when deciding what insurance coverages you may need, there are a few common coverages every podcaster should consider.

General Liability

General liability insurance helps to provide your podcasting business with protection for certain third-party liability claims related to your business’s operations (for instance, if someone was injured as a result of a trip and fall accident inside your podcast studio). Some general liability policies also include coverage for certain types of personal and advertising injuries, such as claims for defamation or copyright infringement.

Commercial Property for Podcasters

Commercial property insurance can help protect your podcast against certain types of physical damage to your building and the contents within. Whether you own the building or lease the space, commercial property insurance is highly recommended. The following are some of the assets commercial property can help insure:

  • Your businesses building
  • Your furniture, such as tables and chairs
  • The equipment that your business runs on, like computers, microphones, cameras, etc.
  • Outdoor signage, banners, and other materials

Cyber Liability

As a podcaster, all of your work and content is either stored, saved, or posted using a computer, which makes cyber liability insurance an important coverage to consider. Not only are cyber-attacks and malware a common threat, but they are becoming increasingly harder to recognize. Cyber liability insurance can help to provide your company with protection from data recovery costs, reputational damage, and income loss if your data and records are exposed.

Cost of Insurance for Podcasters

Budgeting your business operations for your podcast means that you will need to know how much you will be paying for premiums. When you reach out to us, we can gather more information on the types of policies and coverages you are looking for, so we can provide you with quotes. We understand that each podcast is unique, which is why we will work with you to help you identify what types of policies you may need. Factors that can influence the cost of insurance for your business may include, but are not limited to:

  • What types and amounts of coverage you select.
  • Location: Where will you be creating your podcasts?
  • Deductible: What will be the amount you are responsible for paying towards a loss before your insurance coverage begins paying towards a claim.
  • Employee Numbers: Does your podcast have employees or is a solo operation?
  • Claims History: Do you have a claims history? The fewer claims you make, typically the more affordable your insurance costs may be.
  • Business Income: How much does your business make?

How to get a Quote for Your Podcast Insurance

When it comes to selecting a policy for your podcast, it’s a good idea to compare coverages. At Cross Insurance, we work with the nation’s leading carriers as well as regional insurers. With offices in Maine, New Hampshire, and across the Northeast, our agents are available for account management support. Contact us to request a podcasting business insurance quote.

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Do I Need Insurance Before I Start My Podcast? 

Podcasting has many potential risks – from a guest being allergic to something in your studio, to someone suing you for defamation for negative comments you made about them on the podcast, or a claim that your podcast has infringed on someone’s copyrighted material, to name just a few. These risks are present and ongoing and won’t take a day off just because it is your first day or first month open. Researching and having coverage in place before you open your podcast is important. Request a quote for your podcast today.



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