Insurance for Roofing Contractors in Massachusetts

While companies in every field face risk, the challenges facing roofing contractors can be especially severe. In addition to standard business obstacles, those in the roofing industry also have to contend with:

  • Elevated chance of physical injury from falls, electrocution and more
  • Weather-related business interruption
  • Theft of valuable tools and materials
  • Damage to equipment and materials in transit

For over five decades, our local office has been delivering insurance solutions to roofing contractors across Massachusetts. No matter what the scale of your operation may be, we can help you explore your options. Our commercial division will strive to show you insurance options that align with your business objectives and budgetary considerations. Request a complimentary quote for Massachusetts roofing contractors’ insurance here on our website.

What Insurance Coverages Should Roofing Contractors Consider? 

There are a number of different types of insurance coverage that every roofing contractor ought to strongly consider, including without limitation:

Workers’ Compensation

This coverage helps to cover the cost of medical expenses and lost wages for employees who suffer work-related injuries or illnesses. If your company has employees, Workers’ Compensation may be legally required.

General Liability Insurance

This can help protect your roofing business from third-party personal injury and property damage claims allegedly caused by the negligence of your company and/or employees. If you advertise your business or have social media pages, a general liability policy typically provides coverage for copyright infringement.

Commercial Auto

Commercial auto insurance covers the vehicles that your company uses in the course of its business, such as the trucks and other vehicles that you use to transport ladders, materials, and your crew to jobsites.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial property insurance provides protection from fire, robbery, lightning strikes and more, whether your roofing business operates from a warehouse, workshop or other facility. Both property owners and renters can find coverage for their dwelling, as well as the furnishings, equipment and tools inside.  

Business Interruption Coverage

If your business must temporarily close due to a covered event, this essential component can reimburse you for certain components of your lost income. Compensation for rent and payroll during the break in continuity can also be included. Learn more about business interruption insurance coverage here. 

Contractor Equipment Insurance

Tailored for builders and contractors, this provides financial assistance for the replacement or repair of stolen, lost, or damaged equipment such as small tools, employees’ gear, and even borrowed equipment. It may even cover costs associated with debris removal or site cleanup following an accident. 

roofing contractor putting shingles on a new house construction project
Additional Coverages to Consider for Roofing Contractors 

Professional Liability/Errors & Omissions Insurance

This type of coverage helps to protect against claims of professional negligence that results in financial loss to a customer.

Cyber Liability/Cyber Fraud Insurance

As technology becomes increasingly central to business operations, cyber threats evolve in complexity each day. Cyber Liability Insurance typically will cover legal fees, recovery of compromised data, and notifying customers about a data breach. As a business owner, you should have a plan for the digital risks facing your roofing business.

Employee Dishonesty Insurance

Also known as employee theft insurance, this policy guards your business against the financial repercussions arising from criminal actions committed by one or more of your employees, such as theft or fraud.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance

This coverage kicks in to provide an additional layer of liability protection once the limits of your other liability insurance policies have been exceeded. 

residential roofing contractor working on roof
How Much Does Insurance for a Roofing Business Cost? 

What a contractor might pay per year to cover their roofing business in Massachusetts depends on a variety of factors. Some of these include the number of employees your business has, where your business is based out of, and the value of your equipment. The types of coverage and the coverage limits that you choose will also determine your annual insurance costs. If your business has grown, you may want to think about increasing your coverage limits. Reach out to your local office to request a quote based on the needs of your business.

Compare Insurance Quotes for a Roofing Business in Massachusetts  

If you are looking to compare coverages and pricing for commercial insurance for your roofing business, reach out to our local office in Braintree, Massachusetts. At Cross Insurance, we work with dozens of carriers, from New England based companies to national names, which means more options for our clients. We look forward to working with you.



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