Insurance for Your Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt Shop

How Much Insurance Does Your Ice Cream Shop Need? 

Cone or dish? While how to enjoy that perfect scoop of ice cream may be up for debate, having appropriate insurance coverage for your business is not. How much insurance your business will need can depend on a variety of factors. Is your business seasonal, or open year-round? Are you renting your equipment, or do you own it? How many employees do you have? All of these questions can determine how much insurance and what policies you will need. Reach out to a local insurance agent at one of our locations to discuss the unique needs of your ice cream business.

How Much Does Ice Cream Shop Insurance Cost? 

How much your yearly premium will cost to insure your ice cream shop will depend on a variety of factors. The coverages you choose, the cost of the equipment you are insuring, how many employees you have, and where your shop is located are some of the factors that can impact your premium costs. Generally, more employees means more risk- meaning you could end up paying a higher premium. Likewise, your ice cream shop located in one city may end up paying less than a similarly sized operation one city over. This is because different cities have different risk ratings. You can request a quote to get a better understanding of what you could pay by filling out our form here.

a worker dispenses ice cream into a cone from a soft serve machine in an ice cream shop

General Liability Insurance for Ice Cream Shops 

Imagine this: an elderly customer misses a step at your shop entrance and falls injuring his wrist. General Liability is a common coverage for business owners for many reasons. As a business that interacts with people on a daily basis, you should consider general liability coverage. Some examples of what general liability insurance will typically cover are product liability as well as customer slip and falls. Product liability can come in handy if something you serve- like a strawberry milkshake- makes a number of your customers very ill. This coverage can commonly be purchased as a standalone policy, but is also typically included in a Business Owner’s Policy.

Is a BOP Right for Your Ice Cream Shop?  

If you are looking for ways to reduce your costs as a business owner, but are considering multiple insurance coverages, a business owner’s policy may be worth looking into. Often abbreviated to BOP, a business owner’s policy can combine two common coverages together- usually general liability insurance and commercial property insurance. There is often a savings compared to purchasing these coverages separately. In addition to these coverages, you can choose to add coverages based on what plans are available to you. Some of these could include:

  • Employee theft
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Food spoilage

Commercial Property Insurance 

You know how much you have invested into your equipment and store fixtures. Soft serve machines can cost tens of thousands of dollars- not to mention freezers and dipping cabinets. Commercial property insurance typically covers losses caused by fire or acts of vandalism. It can help protect things like your furniture, equipment, inventory, your building, and even your outdoor sign. It is important to note that commercial property insurance plans vary from policy to policy. Additional coverages for perils can be added, such as breakage of glass.

two ice cream cones sit on a counter at an ice cream shop
Business Interruption Insurance 

There are a number of different scenarios that could cause you to have to halt operations at your ice cream shop. For example, someone could steal your equipment, and you would have to wait for replacements before opening again. This is where business interruption insurance can come in. It typically helps cover expenses such as payroll or even training costs on replacement equipment following a covered event. Business interruption insurance is sometimes included in a business owner’s policy.

Workers’ Compensation 

If your ice cream or frozen yogurt shop has employees, depending on where you are located, you may be required to carry workers’ compensation. How much you will pay for this coverage will depend on the location of your business, as well as how many employees you have. You can request a quote by filling out our form here, or by contacting one of our local offices.

What About Ice Cream Trucks?   

If your ice cream or frozen yogurt business operates a truck, you should consider commercial auto insurance. Depending on where you operate, it may be required to register your truck for use on the road.

a woman enjoying an ice cream cone outside of an ice cream shop
Comparing Quotes for Your Ice Cream Shop 

As a business owner, you likely want to compare quotes from several different insurance carriers to see which one would be a good match for your ice cream business. The idea of filling out multiple forms for multiple carriers can seem time consuming, especially as a business owner being pulled in multiple directions. Here at Cross Insurance, we work with dozens of insurance carriers, which means more options for our clients. Request a quote today by filling out our form here.


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