Social Media Ideas for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, do you run into questions about your social media? Does it seem like just one more thing to manage on top of everything else, often going ignored week after week? Are you stuck in a posting rut?

With people becoming increasingly active on social media platforms, your small business can connect with your audience on a regular basis. Another perk to social media for businesses? While there is a cost associated for many advertising platforms like signage or sponsorships, creating an account and posting on most social media platforms is free. After you have created your accounts and posted some, what more can you do as a small business owner? Keep reading to learn some tips businesses can use on their social media platforms.

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Set Goals for Your Business on Social Media 

Sit down and ask yourself what you really want to achieve with your social media presence. What do you want customers to know about your business? Do you have a typical or ideal customer you are trying to reach? What action do you want your audience to ideally take? Getting to know the answers to these questions can help you set up a social media strategy.

Pick Your Social Media Platforms

While it may be tempting to jump on to every new platform on social media, you may want to pause before doing so. While many platforms have similar requirements, consider the time it takes to make content and post to each regularly to maintain an audience. As a small business owner, your time is already a precious commodity, and you need to be deliberate about how you allocate it. If you have an ideal customer, consider what social media platforms they use. You can find many informational articles about each social media platform online and their user demographics.

Audit Your Current Business Social Media Pages

If you already have accounts on social media pages, make sure they are up to date.

  • Current logo being used
  • If business hours are listed, they are up to date 
  • If pricing, products, or menus are posted, those are up to date

As you scroll down through your posts, make a note about which posts saw the most engagement- this is the number of times people interacted with it, whether it was a like, share, comment, etc. Make a note of what posts had the most engagement, and which ones had the least. Measuring how your past content performed can help you create more effective content in the future.

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What Do I Post to Social Media?

Has your business social media gotten quiet because you simply do not know what to post? It can be easy to come up with content when you have new products, announcements, or updates to give your audience. If your business keeps offering the same product or service, how can you create content that is new and exciting? Below are some ideas.

Customer Reviews

These can help build credibility, just be sure to get permission from the writer before sharing.  

Highlight Your Team

You know that your people are great, but you can let your audience know by sharing fun photos, facts, and what they do for your business.

Answer Common Questions

Is there something your customers always ask?


If you bake cakes, show any cake cutting tips you have. If you are a clothing boutique, show different outfits you can style with a piece of your clothing.

Community Engagement

Tie in to local celebrations, or wish new community businesses well.

Ask for Opinions

Increase your engagement and find out valuable information from your audience by asking questions. What new product would they like to see? If you’re a fitness instructor, is there a class time that works better for them?


Show how to use your product, what services you offer, or where you are located.

Look to Your Competitors

What are other businesses in your industry sharing?

Time-Saving Social Media Tips

Is your small business crunched for time to make social media content? With the ebb and flow of business, maybe you have extra free time some weeks, and other weeks are scrambling. While social media is technically free, posting frequently and coming up with new content takes time.

  • Choose a Content Planning Day – Pick one day a week or month to plan ahead on future content.
  • Batch Create Content Ahead of Time – If you are doing employee highlights, plan one day to take all the photos you will need. If you are turning customer reviews into a graphic, do a few at the same time. Storing content for later means you will not be scrambling at the last minute to come up with something.
  • Take Advantage of Scheduling Tools – Some social media sites have the option to schedule posts ahead of time. There are also third-party services that can schedule content for you.

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Does Your Small Business Need Insurance?

While you are busy growing your audience for your business, make sure it has proper insurance coverage. Even if your small business is based out of your home, you may consider getting commercial insurance coverage if you keep a large supply of inventory or you have clients coming to your home. Our insurance agency works with many insurance carriers, from local companies to top national names. You can find a local office near you by going to our office locations page here, or request a quote from us online.



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