What Insurance Does a Cleaning Company Need?

Comparing Insurance Quotes and Pricing for Cleaning Companies 

If you are looking to compare insurance quotes for your cleaning company, we work with over 100 different insurance carriers, which means more options for our clients. We know that cleaning companies can vary from small side hustles to large commercial companies that work to clean corporate buildings. For each of these, insurance needs and coverages will vary. To get an accurate picture of how much insurance coverage could cost for your company, you can request a quote here. From there, a local insurance professional can gather more details on the size of your business, what coverages you are interested in, and other needs your business may have. They may ask questions referring to:

  • How many employees you have
  • Your claims history
  • What state do you operate the cleaning business out of?
  • Does your business deal with hazardous waste or chemicals?

Does My Cleaning Company Need Insurance? 

If you have employees, depending on what state you are in, your cleaning company will likely need workers’ comp coverage. Beyond state requirements, however, there are many reasons to consider insuring your cleaning company. Vendors may ask for a certificate of liability before they decide to hire you. If you do not have liability insurance, a lawsuit against your business can hit your bottom line hard. Some cleaning services that should review their risk are:

  • Carpet Cleaners
  • Commercial Cleaning Services
  • Housekeeping Services
  • Janitorial Services
  • Laundry Services  
  • Maid Services
  • Moving Cleaners
  • Office Cleaners

Read on to learn about common coverage types for cleaning professionals. 

a person cleaning a gray and yellow carpet


General Liability Insurance 

Imagine this: you are cleaning a new client’s tile floor, when they enter the area and proceed to slip, fall, and injure their wrist. Later on, they need surgery. There are a number of scenarios where having a general liability policy in place for your cleaning business could be beneficial. General liability insurance typically covers things like bodily injury from slip and falls, as well as accidental property damage. Because the nature of your business involves you constantly working on another person’s property, general liability insurance should be high on the list of coverages you should consider.

a wet floor sign sits on a gray floor with a mop bucket from a cleaning company in the background

Workers’ Comp for Cleaning Companies 

If you have employees, depending on where you operate your business, workers’ comp may be required. The cost of workers’ compensation will vary depending on how many employees you have, as well as what kind of work that they do. To request a quote for workers’ comp coverage, you can fill out our form here.

Business Owner’s Policies 

As a business owner, you want to save where you can, and a BOP, or business owner’s policy, can help you to do just that. A BOP bundles two common coverages for businesses together- usually commercial property and generally liability. Commercial property insurance can help protect your equipment, such as your carpet cleaners.

What is a Janitorial Bond? 

A janitorial bond, also called a surety bond, may be requested by a vendor. A surety bond is a binding contract that typically states the surety will pay the client if the contractor (in this case, your company) defaults. Sometimes this bond is called a janitorial services fidelity bond. Bonds for cleaning companies usually cover the value of stolen items, up to the amount the surety or bond is.  

a cleaning company employee cleans the surface of a desk in an office

Commercial Umbrella Insurance for Cleaning Companies 

Commercial umbrella insurance kicks in to help with certain liability claims when your other policies hit their limits. Typically, a commercial umbrella policy could cover medical expenses and legal fees if your business were to be sued.

Do I Need Insurance Before I Start My Cleaning Business? 

Whether you are starting a small solo business cleaning on the weekends, or you plan on starting a larger operation, your cleaning business will have risks. From one of your employees injuring themselves on the job, to accidentally damaging a client’s furniture by grabbing the wrong cleaning solution. Because of this, it is wise to make sure that you have coverage in place before you start taking clients. If you have employees, you may be obligated by the law to have workers’ compensation coverage in place.


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