What Insurance Should a Plumber Have?

If you are wondering what types of insurance coverage your residential or commercial plumbing business should consider, the answer can vary. Every small business is unique, including plumbing businesses. Here are some common business insurance policies that you should consider for your plumbing company.

What Plumbing Businesses Need Insurance? 

Plumbing businesses that should consider insurance include but are not limited to:  

  • Commercial Plumbers
  • Residential Plumbers
  • Service and Repair Plumbers
  • Water Supply Plumbers
  • Plumbing Contractors
  • Construction Plumbers
  • Sprinkler Installers 


How Much is Insurance for Plumbers? 

Many factors can impact the cost to insure your plumbing business. The coverage types that you choose will impact the price, but so will the location of your business, how many employees you have, and what services you offer. By reaching out to us, we can gather more detail to provide your plumbing business with a custom quote.

General Liability for Plumbers 

When it comes to protecting businesses, a general liability policy is a good place to start. General liability insurance can help protect your plumbing business from third-party personal injury and property damage claims allegedly caused by the negligence of your company and/or employees. If you advertise your business or have social media pages, a general liability policy typically provides coverage for copyright infringement.

Commercial Auto

If you operate vehicles in connection with your plumbing business, then commercial auto coverage is essential to keep you covered on the road. Cross provides coverage for many types of vehicles used for commercial purposes.

Business Owners Policy for a Plumbing Business

A Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) is a policy that combines both general liability and property insurance. While general liability applies to personal injury and property damage claims made by a customer or other third-party, general liability doesn’t provide coverage for  your property. Having a Business Owner’s Policy can help protect your potential property losses.

Workers’ Compensation

If your plumbing business has employees, Workers’ Compensation may be a state requirement. It can help cover medical bills for employees that are injured or become ill because of work related events. It can also help cover a portion of lost wages.

Contractors’ Errors & Omissions for Plumbers 

Contractors’ errors and omissions, also known as E&O insurance, can help protect you if a client believes a mistake you made caused them financial loss.


Typically, plumbers need to be licensed within the state that they intend to operate, and in some cases acquiring various bonds in addition to your license is required. A bond, such as a performance bond, labor and material payment bond, and maintenance bond, can provide an extra layer of safety when you want to protect your business.

How Do I Get an Insurance Quote for My Plumbing Business? 

To request a quote for your plumbing business, you can submit our form here. You can also reach out directly to one of our offices in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, or Florida to connect with a local professional who will collect more information about the type of your business.


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