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Insurance for Manufacturing Companies in Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, New York, and Beyond

As a manufacturing company, you likely take great pride in your product. Whether your business is crafting custom leather bags, packaging dairy products, producing state-of-the-art medical equipment, or crafting something else, everyday can bring unique challenges. From quality control to supply chain issues and everything in between, running a business takes dedication. When it comes to finding appropriate insurance for your manufacturing business, you need someone with experience in your corner. At Cross Insurance, we work with national carriers to provide options for businesses in many different industries, including manufacturing. 

What Types of Manufacturers Need Insurance?

From expensive equipment to inventory, running a manufacturing business is a serious investment that should be protected. Manufacturing businesses that should consider insurance include but are not limited to: 

  • Personal Care Products Manufacturers 
  • Apparel Manufacturers
  • Dairy Products Manufacturers  
  • Metal Goods Manufacturers
  • Paper Mill Companies
  • Juice and Soda Manufacturing Companies 
  • Health Food Manufacturers
  • Scientific Instruments Manufacturers  
  • Furniture Manufacturers 
  • Textile Manufacturers 


What Coverages Should Manufacturing Businesses Consider?


From a mishap on an assembly line, to property damage, to product liability, the manufacturing industry faces many unique exposures. Although manufacturers follow numerous safety rules and regulations, it does not mean that they are immune to risk. Whether it is protecting your manufacturing business against customer liability or providing coverage for your property, all manufacturers should have a plan for responding to risk. The types of risk your business is exposed to will determine what types of policies you should consider. For example, a sign manufacturer may have different needs than a bakery goods manufacturer. If your manufacturing business has employees, most state laws will require you to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Talk with your local agent about what other coverages your manufacturing business should consider. 

Builders Risk

Cyber Insurance for Manufacturing Companies

As more and more manufacturing businesses automate their processes, the risk for a cyber attack increases. A cyber attack can disrupt your business, which affects your bottom line. Evaluating cyber insurance for your business is a smart move. 

How Do I Get a Quote for Manufacturing Business

When it comes to getting quotes for your manufacturing business, it helps to have options. At Cross Insurance, we work with the nation’s leading carriers as well as regional insurers. Contact us today to see how we can work with your team. We have offices located in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New York, and Florida.

What Information Do I Need to Get a Quote for a Manufacturing Business?

If you are shopping for quotes for your manufacturing business, it’s a good idea to have information on your business handy. Below is a list of a few things to have ready, although your agent may need more information. 

  • Name & address(s) of your business
  • Type of business (LLC, Corp, other)
  • Number of years in business
  • How many employees you have
  • Number of volunteers (if applicable) 
  • Number of locations you have 
  • Name of person who handles HR needs 
  • Annual sales 
  • Brief description of operations 

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