9 Things To Do After You Get Engaged

1. Tell Your Family & Friends 

It’s likely you will be bursting with excitement wanting to let everyone know the news. Engagements are a rare and special moment in your life, and sharing the news in person can create unforgettable memories. Visit as many friends and family members as you can to deliver the good news face to face, or consider hosting a party or get together to tell everyone all at once. For relatives out of state, see if you can set up a video call to tell them the news.

image showing hands selecting a wedding date on a paper calendar with a laptop and wedding rings in the background

2. Narrow Your Timeframe 

More than likely, once you start telling people the news, they will want to know when the “big day” is. Picking a wedding date can be overwhelming. Ultimately, it is a decision that only you and your fiancé can make. While you may not have a date the second you get engaged, narrowing it down to a year and season can help get the ball rolling on the planning process. Here are some questions to help narrow down the decision.

  • How long of an engagement do you and your fiancé want? Are you ready to get married next month if needed, or are there life circumstances that will extend your engagement to well over a year?
  • What season do you imagine your wedding in? Are there any times of year you would like to avoid?
  • Are there any dates that have significance to you and your fiancé?

Close up of engagement ring and wedding ring on sweater
3. Insure Your Engagement Ring 

You’ve taken countless photos of it, now it’s time to insure your ring. Contact your local insurance agent to see what they recommend. They may add it to your homeowners’ policy, or they may look at floater policies specifically for the ring. Generally, the cost of insuring your ring annually will be exponentially less than trying to replace it out of pocket should you lose it on a hiking trip or drop it down the bathroom drain. Knowing you have coverage on your ring is one less thing to worry about when wedding planning.

couple discussing finances together with a notepad and calculator

4. Define Your Budget 

Before you can check anything off of your wedding planning list, you will need to set a budget. Your budget will drive how much you will spend on catering and a venue, which will determine how many guests you can invite. Calculating these expenses ahead of time can save you a lot of headache later. Talk with family to see if there are any costs they are willing to help with. Conversations about money can be awkward, but you may find that they have been saving for this day as well.

5. Get Inspiration 

What you want your wedding to look like will determine what venues you should consider. Thanks to the internet, there is no lack of free resources and guides to show you a wide spectrum of what your nuptials could look like. You can get nit-picky on the details later, but you should know what style you are shooting for. Do you and your fiancé gravitate towards polished, glamourous looks, or do you see it as more of a laid-back affair in a family member’s backyard?  What weddings have you attended that you enjoyed?

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6. Choose Your Bridal Party 

Once you have decided on a date, you will need to ask the individuals you wish to have in your wedding party. Agreeing to be in a wedding is a large commitment. They will need to request time off for not only the wedding day, but also the rehearsal and any festivities before and after. If they live out of state, they will need to make travel arrangements and book a hotel room. The bottom line is, the earlier you tell them, the better it will be for them to make the arrangements they need to.  

couple sitting at a park, woman is wearing an engagement ring

7. Take Engagement Photos 

There are many reasons to take engagement photos. You may want to use them for save the dates or your wedding website, or you may just want to capture this moment in your journey together as a couple. Taking engagement photos can also be a trial run for choosing a photographer. If you end up not loving your engagement photos, you can likely schedule another session, but you will only get one chance to capture your wedding day. You want to make sure you are comfortable with your photographer as you will be spending a lot of time with them during your wedding.

8. Scope Out Wedding Venues 

Once you know your budget and have a general feel for how your wedding should look, you can begin to look at venues. While it can be easy to be drawn in by the breathtaking photos some of the venues provide, you should do thorough research before making a deposit. Will they allow you access the day before to decorate and host a rehearsal? Is there space to get ready at the venue? Once you start putting down deposits with vendors, it may be wise to look into special event insurance for your wedding. Some venues require certificates of insurance for events. You can read more about special event insurance for weddings here.

9. Spend Quality Time Together 

It can be easy to become stressed with all of the wedding planning details. It’s important to take a break and focus on spending relaxed, quality time with your fiancé to enjoy this stage of your relationship together. Visit a favorite restaurant, pack a picnic, or just put your feet up on the couch for 15 minutes.


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