How to Refresh Your Home for Spring

As the landscape outside changes from bare trees to sprouts of green, you may be feeling the need to add some more color to your living space as well. Refreshing your home doesn’t have to take a lot of time, and you could be surprised how simply shifting items around can brighten your space and your day. When decorating your home, you should think about function just as much as style. A design trend that works for others may not be practical in your space for many reasons- from your pets to your daily habits. Below are some suggestions to get you in the mindset for spring decorating.  

Clear the Clutter 

Putting away or donating items that you no longer use lets you focus more on the items in your home that you enjoy. Look around your home and ask yourself if the items that you see need to be where they are. Do you have smaller kitchen appliances taking up real estate on your counter that you sparingly use? Finding new homes for these not only makes your home look tidier, but also can also give you more space to work in your kitchen.

For smaller items around your home that you use on a daily basis, like charging cables, headphones, or cosmetics, look for storage solutions so these aren’t occupying the flat surfaces of your home. Baskets can add texture to a space, and double as a storage option. A hook hidden under a desk can hold headphones and potentially prevent the cords from being wound or bent. If you find areas of your home that collect these small objects, look for furniture that keeps items handy, but can hide them in a flash. Wardrobes, roll-top desks, and benches with hidden storage can be great for storing some of your favorite items that otherwise clutter your living space.

Add Plants & Flowers 

Nothing says spring like plants. If you have a green thumb, try adding an indoor houseplant (or three!) to your space. Be sure you look up lighting and humidity requirements for the areas you plan on placing the plants in. A thriving houseplant looks wonderful, but a crispy fern in your living room is the opposite. If you have pets, make sure the plants you are bringing it to your living space are non-poisonous to animals. Adding a bouquet of flowers to a tabletop is a quick way to add an elegant flair to a room.

If keeping plants alive is not one of your talents, try adding green in other ways. A framed art print of some botanicals, or some floral-print throw pillows can be a subtle nod to nature in your home. There are also a number of silk flower options available that you can consider adding to your home.

Decorate with Color 

Adding color to a space doesn’t have to be as dramatic as painting a room. Swapping curtains, blankets, or throw pillows for something brighter can be one way to transform a space. Of course, if you wanted to paint your space or add wallpaper, you could. When adding color around your home, don’t forget areas like your bathroom, laundry room, and hallways. For your bathroom, try some bright, fresh towels. In your laundry room, you can try hanging fresh art, or add colorful containers hold items like detergent pods and clothes pins.  

Outdoor Areas 

As the temperatures start to warm up, you’ll be spending more time outside on your patio, porch, or in your backyard. Refreshing these areas can be as simple as buying a new welcome mat, or replacing the cushions on your patio furniture. After the danger of frost is over, you can add color and curb appeal by adding plants and flowers. Coordinating planters on both sides of your front door is a classic, easy to replicate look. Make your planters really pop by adding height. You can choose taller plants, or even small trees to really make a statement. If you have your heart set on a plant that is shorter, you can try adding height to the planters themselves.

Finish off your outdoor spaces by adding some soft lighting. String lights, solar lights, or lanterns add a touch of ambiance. Remember to inspect electrical cords for any sign of wear or tear before using, and always follow manufacturers’ guidelines for installation.

Make Sure Your Home Is Appropriately Insured 

Protect the investment that you have put into your home with renters or homeowners insurance. If you have added expensive antiques, artwork, or jewelry to your home, you should reach out to your local insurance agent to see if you need to take out a rider policy. If you have any home improvement projects planned for the year, be sure to keep your insurance agent updated on those as well. Even if you are not building on to your home, projects like kitchen renovations can raise the value of your home, and you want to be sure you are still in your coverage limits. If you don’t have one already, spring can be a good time to take a home inventory. Read our article on how and why you should take a home inventory here.


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