Ideas to Grow Your Cleaning Business

You’ve started your cleaning business and navigated the tricky waters of landing those first clients. You may have met some business milestones, and now are looking ahead to see what is next for your cleaning business. Before you look at growing your business, now is a good time to pause and evaluate your business. Ask yourself if you have met your revenue goals, and if you have set aside enough of an “emergency” fund in case something where to happen. If you feel comfortable financially with where your business is at, it may be the right time to take the next step in growing it.

Finding More Clients as a Cleaning Business

Finding clients in today’s digital world is less about you seeking them, and more about them seeking you. Test how your business shows up in your most frequently used search engines. Does your website list all of the services you offer? Are you targeting the neighborhoods that you would like to do business in? Are you including testimonials from clients to build trust? Work on claiming your business listing on popular search engines, and be sure your services are listed there as well.

If you have a robust social media presence already, consider paid ads to target certain areas. Consider partnering with another local business that complements your offerings to cross promote your businesses. For example, if you offer housecleaning services, you may find a local car detailer and run a joint giveaway for a gift certificate for each of your services.

Find other ways you can form relationships in the community, such as attending Chamber of Commerce events or trade shows. Look to network with professionals who are, or can connect you to, your ideal client. For example, if you have a commercial cleaning business, you can look to connect with property managers or store owners in the area. Always keep a few business cards on hand with your contact information- you never know who you may run into.

One way to find more customers is leveraging the relationships you already have with existing customers. If you don’t already have a referral program, consider putting one in place.

Expand Your Services 

Think of other services that you could offer that complement the business model you already have. For example, if you clean homes, could you also offer organizational services? Could you offer laundry services as well? If your business is cleaning carpets, consider adding a service like exterior window cleaning. Adding additional services may even be as simple as drilling down on a service you already offer. For instance, if you clean kitchens, offer a deep cleaning package that would include services like cleaning the inside of the fridge, cabinets, and oven. You may look to similar businesses for inspiration on what services they offer.

When adding to your list of services or otherwise expanding your business, make sure you are prepared to take on additional risk. As your business grows, touch base with your commercial insurance agent to evaluate if your current insurance coverage is still appropriate.
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Rethink Your Pricing 

When it comes to increasing revenue, raising your prices is an obvious solution, but one you may shy away from. You may be concerned that if you raise your prices, your current customers may go elsewhere. If you are thinking about increasing your prices, give your clients plenty of notice, and set a date for when the new prices will take effect. 

Another option is to set up a different pricing structure, like a good-better-best tiered model. This gives your clients choices and can attract high paying clients as well. You can come up with creative package names that play off of your business name, or the type of services you offer. Creating a side-by-side graphic of these offerings to post on your website or social media pages can let your potential clients compare services and see what fits with their budget.

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Consider Adding to Your Team 

More employees in your business means that you can complete more jobs. If you currently don’t have employees, you will likely need to get Workers’ Compensation coverage depending on what state you operate your business in.

Stick to the Basics 

It can be easy to be pulled in many different directions when trying to grow your business. It’s important that while you expand your offerings, you maintain consistency and quality. If you don’t already have checklists, consider adding some to your workflow. See if you can gain measurable insights from your new endeavors and track any new revenue. If a new tactic seems like a flop, examine whether you think it will be a good fit for your business model going forward.

Does Your Cleaning Business Need Insurance? 

Whether your cleaning business is new, a family tradition, or a large corporate operation, we can show you insurance options. We work with over 100 insurance carriers, from large national names to local companies. To request a quote, fill out our form here.


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