What Insurance Should a Barber Have?

Barber Shop Insurance

Whether you’ve run your own barber shop for decades, or are just thinking about starting in the industry, it’s important to protect your business with the appropriate insurance coverage. As a barber, you deal with many potential risks, from potential cuts from sharp scissors, to theft of your tools and equipment. Working with certain chemicals daily may also cause potential damage. It is important to regularly review the insurance coverage that your barber shop has to be proactive in managing your business’ risks.

General Liability Insurance For Your Barber Shop

It’s every business owner’s worst nightmare- a trip and fall at your salon or shop. Even if you have taken safety precautions such as making sure all of your cords are tucked neatly away, factors outside of your control, such as an icy sidewalk, could lead to a trip and fall. A general liability insurance policy typically covers bodily injury due to incidents like trip and falls. It is important to review your policies with your local agent to have a clear understanding of what incidents are covered.

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Protecting Your Business Against Theft

Equipment for a barber shop can easily add up to thousands of dollars. If your barber shop was broken into and vandalized, would you be able to cover the costs for new equipment as well as repairs out of your own pocket? If you want to protect your equipment, building, and even your exterior sign, you should consider property insurance for your business. Typically, additional coverages for perils can be added to a property insurance policy, such as breakage of glass.    


Coverage for Lawsuits for Your Services

Even with the utmost care and attention to detail, barbers can face potential lawsuits. An accidental slip with the clippers could lead to injury, and that client could decide to take legal action. Professional Liability Insurance can help protect your company if a client decides to sue you.

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Does Your Barber Shop Need Workers’ Comp Insurance?

Depending on what state your barber shop is in, if you have employees, workers’ compensation may be a requirement. Most states have mandatory workers’ compensation insurance requirements that apply to most employers. Consult with an attorney and/or check the current laws for the state where your barber shop is located to make sure you have necessary coverage.

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Other Ways to protect your Barber Shop

In addition to carrying appropriate insurance for your barber shop, there are some other ways you can reduce risk. Keeping your shop clean by mopping up spills and sweeping hair clippings can help reduce the chance of trips and falls. If you have employees, make sure they are trained on proper use of your tools as well as the chemicals you keep on site. 

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Getting Insurance Quotes for Your Barber Shop

When it comes to choosing insurance coverage for your barber shop, it’s good to have choices and compare coverages. At Cross Insurance, we work with the nation’s leading carriers as well as regional insurers. Contact us to request a quote for your barber shop.


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