New England College

New England College

Student Health Insurance Plan 2021-2022

Policy #: WI2122MESHIP76
Group #: ST1517SH

New England College strives to maintain the wellbeing of every student within our community. Providing a reliable and economical health insurance program for students is one way in which we address this goal.

All eligible students are automatically enrolled in the Student Accident Insurance. Benefits are provided for incurred eligible Medical Expenses up to $10,000, payable at 100% of Usual and Customary for Covered Medical Expenses incurred as inpatient or outpatient, as a result of a Covered Accident until the termination date or any extension of benefits of the policy, subject to all policy provisions.

For more complete coverage, the college provides access to a Student Health Insurance Plan which pays eligible Usual and Customary expenses incurred for covered accidents, sickness or preventive services according to the schedule of benefits. The cost of the Annual Plan is $1,650 and provides coverage through the academic year and summer months (8/15/21 thru 8/14/22). For new spring students, the Spring Term cost is $1,100, and provides coverage from 1/1/22 thru 8/14/22.

All full-time students are required to take action by the deadline to either Enroll in or Waive the Student Health Insurance. Those who do not take action by the deadline, are not eligible to waive, or whose waiver is declined will be automatically enrolled in the health insurance, and the premium charge will remain on the student account. If proof of medical insurance is provided via the on-line Waiver Form, (click on the Waive Insurance link on the left of this web page or go to by the waiver deadline and the waiver is approved, the cost and coverage of the Student Health Insurance will be waived. International students are not eligible to waive. On-line Waiver Forms for the Annual Policy cannot be accepted after September 6, 2021. Online Waiver Forms for the Spring Term cannot be accepted after February 7, 2022. Students who waive the Annual plan in the fall do not need to complete another waiver for Spring.

Advantages of Student Health Insurance

Student health insurance plans are an affordable, quality alternative to more expensive, traditional plans for full-time, part time, international and graduate students.