Student Health Insurance

Providing Comprehensive and Affordable Health, Accident, and Sports Coverage to Higher Education Institutions and Their Students

Cross Student Health has been working with colleges and universities in New England to provide comprehensive student health plan solutions at competitive, cost-effective prices. Our goal is to create a plan that is responsive to the needs of each institution and student. We have in-depth knowledge of state and federal insurance regulations, health insurance trends, and more than two decades of healthcare and insurance experience.

We focus on plan implementation processes with our clients and carriers. The implementation process is essential in ensuring the account is set up correctly, and our experienced team is here to help. There are many facets to this process, including: oversight of plan design coverages with the insurance carrier, ID card delivery, brochure reviews, and enrollment throughout the year. We also will work with each client to audit waivers as requested.

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Our Approach to Student Health Insurance

Student Health Account Service

All clients are assigned a dedicated account management team, which works in a collaborative manner to assist with plan administration and servicing throughout the year.


We are capable of handling all aspects of a student health account, from underwriting and pricing to enrollment and claims management. We are a full-service operation that can handle all of your needs. We work individually with each student health account to provide quality coverage solutions that meet client requirements.


Individual websites are established for each institution, enabling students and college officials to quickly and conveniently obtain information, claim forms, and in some cases, enroll their dependents. We are also able to offer online enrollment and waiver systems, as needed.


The health insurance industry is constantly changing. We pride ourselves on providing timely, helpful information to our clients so that they can understand how different benefits work and how they may affect or relate to their overall plan. In addition, we strive to keep you up to date on relevant changes in federal and state regulations, as well as insurance carrier changes.

Advantages of Student Health Insurance

No one should go without health care coverage, regardless of age or current health condition. An accident, injury or illness can happen to anyone, including those who are studying and working hard at colleges across the U.S.  Given the rising costs of health insurance, it’s more important than ever for parents of college students to research, compare and ultimately select a plan that provides appropriate coverage at an affordable price.

Here are several reasons why parents should consider a student health insurance plan:

  • Health Benefits – Health and wellness are critical components to academic success. Insured students have access to preventive care services, which can help maintain overall health and wellness and can potentially detect problems at an early stage. Student health plans typically offer 100 percent coverage for preventive care obtained at an in-network provider. Remember, the primary purpose of student health insurance is to keep students healthy and in school so they can graduate and realize their life and career goals.
  • Cost Benefits – Student plans available through colleges or universities often provide benefits that are more affordable than comparable plans on the open market, but with the added benefit of being coordinated with the student health services available on campus. These plans are usually less expensive because of the favorable age and health demographic of college students, and often have significantly lower deductibles thereby reducing out of pocket expenses. In some cases, parents will find that purchasing a student plan for their child is less expensive than adding their child to their employer’s plan – especially a high deductible plan or a plan that doesn’t include in-network providers close to campus. In addition, the premiums parents pay for dependent coverage on their plan are often higher than the monthly costs of a student plan.
  • National Network of Providers – Many student health plans include a national network of health care providers and pharmacies, providing coverage regardless of the distance from campus or home. Plans are aligned with the benefits of their college’s student health services for accessible on-campus care. If needed, a student health service can refer students to the appropriate off campus in-network provider for more extensive or ongoing care.
  • Plans for Students – Colleges customize their student health plans to best meet the needs of their student body and can elect to provide coverage for a wide range of services, such as doctor office visits, preventive care, prescription drugs, accidental injury, hospitalization and/or outpatient surgery and diagnostic benefits. Because these plans are made for students, they are typically geared to work hand-in-hand with the campus student health center.

The advantages of student health insurance plans make them an affordable, quality alternative to more expensive traditional plans for full-time, part-time, international and graduate students. For more information about the student health insurance plan at your college or university, select your school from the lists above.