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Health Insurance is insurance that can cover part of your medical bill when you become sick or injured. Health insurance helps in many ways, from smaller expenses regarding preventative care, to large expenses with serious surgeries. Health insurance can help cover the costs and give you peace of mind.

Health Insurance Definitions to Help You

Deductible: A deductible is the amount the policyholder must pay for health care services each year before their insurance plan begins to pay.

Premium: An insurance premium is the amount you pay monthly for various kinds of insurance. Typically, the lower the monthly premium the higher your yearly deductible is.

Out-of-pocket maximum: An out-of-pocket maximum is the amount a policyholder must spend on copays, coinsurance, or deductibles before their insurance starts covering all further costs.

Coinsurance: Coinsurance is simple, it is the fixed percentage that you pay for covered services after you meet your deductible.

Copay: Copay is a lot like coinsurance, the only difference is instead of paying a fixed percentage of the medical service, a copay has you pay a fixed flat fee.

Covered Costs: Covered costs can vary from plan to plan, but usually office visits, treatments, various supplies, tests, services, and medications are covered. To find out what covered costs you have contact your local Cross Insurance.

Formulary: A formulary is a list of prescription drugs covered by your plan.

Health Savings Account: A health savings account is an account that allows you to set aside pre-taxed money to pay medical expenses.

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