5 Effective Ways to Attract New Employees to Your Company

In our current job market, recruiting the right employees can be difficult. We are in an age of demographic changes, a shrinking workforce, and the continued demand for skilled workers. Due to the current state of the job market, it can be difficult to attract quality candidates to your company. Here are five ideas that may help your company with recruitment and retention.

1. Well-Built Employer Brand

Building a brand for your company can create an identity for your business. A company’s brand is more than the service or product they provide. Building a brand is what makes your company memorable. It is what sets you apart from the competition for consumers as well as employees. People want to work for companies that they are proud of. Creating a well-built brand can help potential employees want to come work for you.

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2. Competitive Salaries

Offering competitive wages is a great way to show employees that you value their work. Competitive wages are signs of commitment from companies. They show the company is investing in the employee. When you invest in the right employees, they will be more invested in their work, helping the company grow.

3. Schedule Flexibility

Schedule flexibility has become more and more popular since the Covid-19 pandemic. There are many different ways that schedule flexibility can be promoted. Here are just a few examples of flexible schedule options.

  • Remote work – Where employees have the ability to work from their home or another off-site location.
  • Hybrid schedules – Employees can work from an off-site location on a set schedule but are required to be on-site for a certain amount of time.
  • Compressed workweek – Where employees are able to work their 40-hour workweek in an non-traditional manner, such as four 10-hour shifts instead of five 8-hour shifts.

Flexible schedules can benefit employees by allowing them to have better job satisfaction, prioritize work-life balance, and reduce stress. Flexible schedules also can benefit employers by reducing the amount of turnover, yielding higher productivity, and decreasing absences.

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4. Professional Development Programs and Opportunities

Professional development opportunities are another way to invest in your employees. Supporting employees by providing opportunities to build their skillsets and further their knowledge in their field will help them grow as an employee, which in turn will increase their performance and production, benefiting your company.

5. Comprehensive Benefits Package

Offering comprehensive benefits to your employees can show them that you are invested in their health and future. Employee benefits may include:

Investing in benefit packages for your employees can not only help with the recruitment process, but it can also increase job satisfaction for current employees, which helps with retention rates. If you are a business interested in offering benefits, or changing your current benefit package, reach out to our employee benefits team here at Cross Insurance. We help large and small businesses in multiple states offer comprehensive employee benefits coverage to their employees.

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Health Insurance Quotes

If your business is interested in implementing benefits or reviewing your current employee benefits package, contact one of our many licensed agents. Cross Insurance can help you explore your options when it comes to individual or group health insurance. To find out more, contact your local Cross Insurance today.



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