Should My Small Business Offer Vision Insurance?

Vision insurance can be a great added benefit to increase employee recruitment and retention. The cost of vision services, just like most other healthcare related services, has increased in recent years due to inflation. Small businesses can offer vision insurance to help their employees reduce the cost of vision services for themselves and their families.

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What Is Vision Insurance?

Vision insurance is a health benefit that can help cover certain vision care and  related expenses. Vision insurance is similar to health insurance, in that you pay a specified premium to obtain coverage for different specified services. Vision insurance often helps cover expenses such as eye exams, contacts and contact lens fittings, and eyeglasses lenses and frames. Depending on the plan, there also may be benefits that help reduce the cost of some corrective surgeries, such as LASIK procedures, even if the procedure itself is not covered. If you are interested in knowing more about the benefits that your specific vision insurance plan offers, contact your plan administrator.

What Is the Importance of Proper Vision Care?

Just like most health-related services, preventive care and early intervention can be critical. Early diagnosis and treatment can help prevent eye related diseases from progressing. Maintaining good vision can help contribute to better driving skills, improved learning ability, comprehensive skills, athletic ability and hand-eye coordination. Taking care of your vision does not always mean having perfect vision, but also utilizing tools such as contacts and glasses to aid in your vision.

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How Expensive Is Vision Insurance for a Business?

Vision insurance can be relatively cost-effective when compared to medical insurance. Additionally, employer sponsored plans can be much more cost-effective than individual plans. Some carriers even offer discounts for employers who contribute to their employee’s vision insurance. If you are a business owner looking to learn how much vision insurance would cost for your employees, contact our team here at Cross Insurance to review your options.

Are Businesses Required to Offer Vision Insurance?

Vision insurance is typically not a required benefit. However, as the cost of all medical and vision related expenses continue to rise, having proper vision coverage can help reduce the financial stress of vision care. For small businesses, offering vision insurance can help employees reduce the cost of vision services for themselves and their families, which can help aid in recruitment and retention.

What Does Vision Insurance Typically Not Cover?

Vision insurance typically does not cover the below, although you should refer to your plan documents to determine what is or is not covered by your specific plan:

  • More than one vision exam annually.
  • Non-prescribed contacts or glasses
  • The cost of frames, lenses or contacts over the allotted amount per the plan guidelines.

How Do I Obtain Vision Insurance for My Employees?

Vision insurance is a great and cost-effective benefit to offer your employees. If your small business is interested in offering vision insurance to your employees, contact a member of our employee benefits team here at Cross insurance. Our team can provide you with quotes from a variety of different carriers to help you find an insurance plan that makes sense for your business. Our team will help review your business’s size, demographic and structure to help you find a policy that works for you and your employees.

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How Long Does It Take to Get a Quote for Business Vision Insurance?

Quote timelines for vision insurance may vary depending on how many employees you have, the geographic location in which your business and employees reside, etc. If you are looking for a vision insurance quote, you may be able to obtain a quote more quickly by compiling and providing all of the necessary information for quoting in a timely manner. Below are a few examples of information you may be asked to provide for vision insurance quoting.

  • The zip code of the company.
  • Number of employees at the company.
  • A census of employees and dependents, including birthdates and zip codes.
  • The amount or percentage the employer plans on contributing to the premiums.

Vision Insurance Quotes for Businesses

If you are a small business owner interested in learning more about offering an employer sponsored vision insurance plan, our team at Cross Insurance is here to help. With our team of experienced employee benefits consultants, we can show you your options in the vision insurance market. To find out more, contact your local Cross Insurance today.  



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