Social Media Tips for Real Estate Agents

As a real estate agent, using social media can be a powerful tool to market yourself to potential customers. In an industry that is becoming more reliant on social media and online branding, knowing some social media tips can be an important contributor to success. In this article, you can find information discussing some of the benefits of using social media and some strategies that may be useful in the real estate industry.

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Set Goals for Your Social Media

Setting goals for your social media is an important step before posting content. Considering why you as a real estate agent will be using social media can help you determine your goals. Consider these possible goals for your specific application:

  • Create brand awareness
  • Create a desired action from your audience
  • Attract new customers
  • Promote open houses and other events
  • Educate your audience  
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • See what your competitors are doing

Pick Your Social Media Platforms

Certain demographics may use some social media platforms more often than others.  Knowing which platform(s) will most effectively reach your target audience will help you maximize your social media strategy. Using target demographics and other resources can help you determine where to focus your social media efforts.

What Should I Post?

There are many great ways that a real estate agent can leverage social media to connect with their target audience. Below are some ideas.

–  New Listings: Posting newly listed homes as either still images or videos will give potential buyers a much more realistic view of the homes being sold.

– Educate: Giving your followers a current housing market update or other information such as DIY, fun facts, or trivia, can be a great way to help your audience learn.

– Client Testimonials: Posting client testimonials cannot only help build credibility, but it can help potential buyers feel a sense of trust.

– Tips: Providing real estate tips for both buyers and sellers can help show you are a true industry professional along with helping grow your audience on both sides.

– Day in The Life: Giving your audience a behind the scenes look to your daily endeavors, both real estate related and normal everyday things, is a great way to be relatable to your audience.

– Team Highlights: Just as you want your audience to get to know you from social media, the same should be for your team members. Showing individuals from your team participating in community events, their own hobbies, and sharing what they do for your business are all good content ideas.

– Sold Listings: Showing off your success of selling a home is always a great opportunity for content.

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Time-Saving Social Media Tips

Creating a thorough and engaging social media campaign can require a substantial amount of time and energy. The following are some tips to help you save time when using social media as a real estate agent.

– Plan Your Content: Find a specific time each week or month to plan your upcoming content. Creating a content calendar is also a helpful way to keep you organized.

– Schedule Posts: Many platforms allow you to upload content and then schedule it for posting at a later time or date, which can help you maximize efficiency.

– Save Templates: If you repeatedly post similar content, having a graphics template that you can easily customize helps cut down time making a post.

– Stick to Your Platforms: Knowing which social media platforms will best suit you is important, not only to reach your target audience but to reduce time spent on each.

– Repurpose Content: Using content across multiple platforms can help save you time, along with helping you brainstorm ideas for new posts.

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Insurance for Real Estate Agents

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